Going the Extra Mile for your Customer is Not Hard

Part 1 of 2

Going the extra mile for your customer is not really difficult, but if you and your employees take the attitude that it is My Service First that matters most . . . you make it an attitude that will help you stand out among your peers.

Here is part one of a two part article that illustrates this attitude.

Helping-CustomerI was in the supermarket looking for my wife’s favorite ice tea but didn’t see it.  So I moved on to the next aisle looking for the next item on my list.  A clerk came by and, out of the blue, asked if I was finding everything I needed.  A moment’s pause & I thought – no, not really.

I told her about the tea and she hadn’t heard of the brand but walked me back over to the isle & walked along until she found it.  “Here it is!” Big smile.  There were only two bottles and it was kind of hidden.  “Anything else I can help you find?”

Later I saw her again as I headed for the checkout.  She acknowledged me with a big smile & asked again if I got everything, and I went away feeling pretty good!

Pretty easy for her to do, and made me really happy.  Just what the manager should want – happy customers come back.

This example of going the extra mile for your customer also exemplifies our Principle 9, of making it easy for your customer to do business with you.  The supermarket employee wasn’t so pressured to do whatever she was intending to do when she engaged with me which made it easy for her to help.

When you create the right customer service attitude, it is easy to go the extra mile for your customer!

Which other principles of putting My Service First do you find in these experiences?

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