Principle 8 – Ensure your customers satisfaction

Listen to your customer, treat them with the utmost respect, don’t lose your patience with a customer, and go the extra mile – what more do you need to do to ensure your customer’s satisfaction?

Different businesses may well have a different approach.  A restaurant needs to check often enough with the customer to ensure the food and drink are to their satisfaction.  I like it when the manager swings through and ensures I’m satisfied.  Any business that has a checkout ought to ensure the customer found what they wanted, and a means to record the result.  After all, don’t ask if you’re not going to do something about it!

Many businesses today are utilizing an internet online survey to provide customers with an easy way to provide feedback.  This can be a really good way to obtain feedback on your service and product.  Keep in mind that surveys that are sent out typically get 10-30% response rate at best, so promoting your survey, and continued review of your results are important.

A customer who takes their time to provide you with feedback deserves a response, so be sure to consider that as part of your plan to ensure satisfaction.  One simple way you can do this is to provide the results online, along with a brief summary of the results and actions you are taking to improve (if necessary).

Be sure to provide customers with the option of being anonymous or being contacted.

But nothing beats having the manager or owner being available to the customer.  Get out on the floor, on the phone, and available through internet contact.  You’ll be there to assist your customer and your employees as well.

It’s up to you, to ensure your customer’s satisfaction.

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