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We always suggest you go the extra mile for your customers
As a service provider, you want to maximize your potential for business and expand your customer base. As a recipient of service, you want to have an experience that provides you with the greatest satisfaction when you are done. My Service First is designed to provide both perspectives, and help improve service everywhere from all small businesses to those that are looking to expand.
My Service First Provides online resources for small and growing businesses to understand the customer experience and ways to deliver quality customer service.

We focus on the company, the worker, the customer. By providing both perspectives of business and customer, My Service First hopes to help your business exceed in creating the ultimate customer experience.

SERVICE?….What About It?!

You know when you’ve had good service….and of course, you know when you’ve had bad service.

We’ve had bad service at plenty of restaurants, banks, Verizon, AT&T, the Apple Store, service provides, you name it – it existis! But as customers (or potential customers), all we’ve ever wanted as is to feel as if we’ve been treated fairly, the right way (if not better), when spending our money at a business.

Who Cares?

We all do, as a business – you should, and as customers we do when we’re on the receiving end of bad service. In fact, 77% of people will leave a review following a bad experience!
If you work, no matter what job you have, you give “service” to someone.  It could be your boss, co-worker, customer, congregation, a child….everyone provides service to someone at sometime.

How well you do it is another matter.

What Is It?

As a business, in today’s struggling economy, it’s what sets you apart.  In a thriving economy…it’s still, what sets you apart. Whether you sell some thing or sell a service, it’s how you get that product to the customer that is the service provided. Delivering a great customer experience paired with great customer service will set you apart from your competition. It is the primary reason customers are willing to do business with you, and even if you are the only source for a product, your service will be the primary reason why your customer will be willing to return to you for more. Providing bad service can result in lost customers, bad reviews, and lost revenue.

How To Make It Better

Customer service is always something that can be improved upon that will yield returns over time. We highly suggest you instill some of these top customer service principles to instantly improve the customer experience. The better the customer experience, the more likely they will return time and time again, only producing more business and revenue.

Below are our Top 10 basic customer service principles, that when implemented, will help attribute to a positive customer experience. Click each service principle below to learn more!

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