Principle 1 – Service for the customer must come first

There are a few examples where an industry or product is so hard to get that good service from that business is not all that important.  Customers want it of course, but it’s best for the business to be efficient in getting the product sold and delivered so they can keep their costs down.  Utility […]

Principle 2 – Acknowledge your Customer

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, hotel, retail store, and stood there while the staff walks by you, doesn’t acknowledge you, or is apparently busy doing . . . something, and you felt invisible?  That’s not really the experience a customer (or you as a person) wants to have, is it? It is really […]

Principle 3 – Acknowledge your Repeat Customer

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling over the years for both work and pleasure.  When I find a hotel, or restaurant that I like, I tend to go back.  Of course, it’s the quality of service that I receive combined with the quality of the product (food, room, amenities, whatever) that draws me back. […]

Principle 4 – Listen to what your Customer has to say

Whatever you do, don’t blow off your customer.  I know it’s hard when a customer is mad about something, but most often they are not mad at you – they are mad about an experience they had. I’ve got lot’s of stories to illustrate the impact of listening vs. not listening, that resulted in a […]

Principle 5 – Treat your Customer with the utmost respect

Common courtesy goes a long way with people, and I often find myself thinking that as a society we seem to have lost sight of this very simple practice of behavior.  Respecting others can avoid so many problems with people.  Especially when they don’t treat you with the same respect. If you are interrupted from […]

Principle 6 – Never lose your patience with a customer

If you’ve followed principles 4 and 5, you will hopefully never have your patience fail!  Similarly, if you are patent with a customer that is difficult, you will have a much better chance to successfully listen and treat that customer of yours with the respect they deserve. Keeping patent is mostly about keeping yourself in […]