Principle 5 – Treat your Customer with the utmost respect

Common courtesy goes a long way with people, and I often find myself thinking that as a society we seem to have lost sight of this very simple practice of behavior.  Respecting others can avoid so many problems with people.  Especially when they don’t treat you with the same respect.

If you are interrupted from a task by a customer, try to address that customer’s needs as quickly as possible.  Delay your task to take care of that customer.  If it’s a phone call and you have to put the customer on hold, then be sure you don’t take too long before getting back on the phone to give an update on what you are doing for them, or you can ask if you can call them back . . . then call back!

If you are attending to an urgent matter that simply cannot wait, explain yourself briefly, and find someone else to help that customer, and make sure they do it!

Someone who is respectful with you is far easier to deal with than the customer who is not.  This is the time that you have to pay particular care to be respectful.  As noted in Customer Service Principal #4 – Listen to what your Customer has to say, an irate or upset customer who comes to you is most likely NOT upset with you!  They are upset about something else that has happened to them, and they have chosen you to hear about it!  Lucky you!  Apply good listening techniques and be sure you find out just what the problem is before you respond to them.

The rude and unreasonable customer is the one you are most likely to fail to treat with respect.  There are many techniques to deal with those situations, but keeping your cool, and focusing on respecting that person, will bring you satisfaction, impress any other customers who happen to overhear (along with your fellow workers), and may in fact resolve your customers issue and turn them into a terrific customer.

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