Principle 2 – Acknowledge your Customer

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, hotel, retail store, and stood there while the staff walks by you, apparently busy doing . . . something, and you felt invisible?  That’s not really the experience a customer wants to have, is it?

It is really not that hard to acknowledge people.  The maître d’ simply needs to make eye contact, say “Hello, I’ll be right with you.”  And follow that with a smile.  The same could be said for the attendant that will take you to your seat – a simple acknowledgment and smile will go a long way.

In the Department store, it’s a brief, “Finding everything you’re looking for?  Let me know if I can help!”

Hotel’s have many opportunities to acknowledge their customer, from the door man, front desk, maid, maintenance, or even yard work.  Eye contact, a smile, simple greeting (“Good morning!”).

Being acknowledged as a customer is generally a nice thing.  It makes you feel that you are valued, and that’s the experience a customer should have.  Being ignored, is not.

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