Principle 1 – Service for the customer must come first

There are a few examples where an industry or product is so hard to get that good service from that business is not all that important.  Customers want it of course, but it’s best for the business to be efficient in getting the product sold and delivered so they can keep their costs down.  Utility companies have that sort of business environment, as do your typical television cable company.  But for the vast number of businesses out there, your customer needs to have the best possible experience dealing with your company.

What I mean by the title of this article is that you must have the customer in mind at all times.  It’s not just about the customer facing folks.  Don’t make that mistake.  Your back office process and procedures need to be efficient.  Your accounts receivable or payables need to be accurate and efficient, especially as it relates to your customer.  Your management needs to be able to respond to customer requests, and not be hung up in policy or red tape.  Your inventory management needs to be accurate and efficient getting product from suppliers to your stocking shelves, to your shipping dock, and out to your customer.  This should be fairly obvious, but it’s amazing how often these things breakdown and cause customers to have second thoughts about doing business with your company.

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