Principle 7 – Go the extra mile for your customer

You’ve heard the expression; “It’s the little things that matter”?  Going the extra mile is often simply doing the little things, and occasionally pulling out the stops to service your customer.  Here are some examples of little things that are easy to do:
  • Rather than give your customer another number to call – do a warm call transfer.  Make sure somebody is at the other end to take the call when you transfer them, and that they know what the call is about before turning over the customer.
  • Rather than just telling your customer where to find something, walk them to it.  Your impression of what they wanted might not be correct, and you can be sure they get what they want.
  • Ask if there is anything else you can do for your customer.
  • Check back with your customer to see that they have found everything they needed.
  • If they need an appointment, ask what time they would like to meet.  If that time is not available, find another similar time of day that is, and propose that to them.
  • Thank them for shopping/eating/doing business with you.

Fundamentally, just be sure you have provided everything you can for your customer, and you will have likely provided that customer with the extra mile.

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