Principle 9 – Ensure your customer’s experience is easy for them

Most fast food restaurants have this down pretty well.  You can go into any of them for the first time, find the menu, order what you want (drive thru or inside order), get your food, and you’re set.

Pretty easy.

So, you say, your business isn’t like that?  You don’t have a simple menu – you’re not even in the fast food business!  Well, the principal is what we’re after here.

If you’re automated phone answering menu is more than 3 options deep before your customer gets what they want, you ought to rethink it.  Always consider the ability to replay the options at the end of every menu level.

Make sure your online site is easy to navigate.  Make it easy to browse and search for products and pricing.  Have manuals or other support materials available.  Provide a description of your products and services that is complete.

Make it easy for your customer to contact you through email, a web form, and yes . . . the phone!

Make sure your customers experience to do business with you is an easy one, and they will keep doing business with you!

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