Customer Service Made Easy at the Vitamin Shoppe

It’s really not hard to provide exceptional service, even though it may seem like it on occasion.  Let me tell you about a simple experience that exemplifies nearly every principle of My Service First. Before I do though, let me set this up.  It’s the kind of experience to keep in mind – you don’t […]

Going the Extra Mile with Customer Service isn’t Hard to Do!

Part 2 of 2 In this second article of a two part series about how going the extra mile for your customer isn’t hard to do, we take a look at call center customer service example (part one is an in-store example). I was having problems logging into my IRA late one night, so I […]

Going the Extra Mile for your Customer is Not Hard

Part 1 of 2 Going the extra mile for your customer is not really difficult, but if you and your employees take the attitude that it is My Service First that matters most . . . you make it an attitude that will help you stand out among your peers. Here is part one of […]

Principle 9 – Ensure your customer’s experience is easy for them

Most fast food restaurants have this down pretty well.  You can go into any of them for the first time, find the menu, order what you want (drive thru or inside order), get your food, and you’re set. Pretty easy. So, you say, your business isn’t like that?  You don’t have a simple menu – […]