Principle 3 – Acknowledge your Repeat Customer

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling over the years for both work and pleasure.  When I find a hotel, or restaurant that I like, I tend to go back.  Of course, it’s the quality of service that I receive combined with the quality of the product (food, room, amenities, whatever) that draws me back.

A good doorman, or bellhop, will recognize and acknowledge me during my stay, remembering my face among the hundreds that they see (or they are just really good at making it seem that way!).

A good computer system will also recognize you as a repeat guest.  Obviously if you participate in the hotel chain rewards program, that should be recognized at the front desk, and ideally your system will be able to look me up and see that I’ve stayed at your specific hotel numerous times.  Treating me like a returning guest is great!

Restaurant’s also have a great opportunity to get to know their customers.  I don’t care if it’s a Taco Bell or a Horatio’s, a Sizzler or Benehana’s, having a great memory for your repeat customer along with a computer system that tells the maître d’ that you’ve been there before is going to help your business provide the type of experience you want a customer to have.

Heck, the guy at my local gas station recognized me the second time I went there, and while his price is not always the lowest within a reasonable driving distance, that’s where I get my gas most of the time now!

Your best source of revenue is from your existing customers.  Drive repeat business by acknowledging your repeat customer!

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