Principle 5 – Treat your Customer with the utmost respect

Common courtesy goes a long way with people, and I often find myself thinking that as a society we seem to have lost sight of this very simple practice of behavior.  Respecting others can avoid so many problems with people.  Especially when they don’t treat you with the same respect. If you are interrupted from […]

Principle 6 – Never lose your patience with a customer

If you’ve followed principles 4 and 5, you will hopefully never have your patience fail!  Similarly, if you are patent with a customer that is difficult, you will have a much better chance to successfully listen and treat that customer of yours with the respect they deserve. Keeping patent is mostly about keeping yourself in […]

Principle 7 – Go the extra mile for your customer

You’ve heard the expression; “It’s the little things that matter”?  Going the extra mile is often simply doing the little things, and occasionally pulling out the stops to service your customer.  Here are some examples of little things that are easy to do: Rather than give your customer another number to call – do a […]

Principle 8 – Ensure your customers satisfaction

Listen to your customer, treat them with the utmost respect, don’t lose your patience with a customer, and go the extra mile – what more do you need to do to ensure your customer’s satisfaction? Different businesses may well have a different approach.  A restaurant needs to check often enough with the customer to ensure […]